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CHIGO Air Conditioning was established in 1994. Two decades of technical innovations and a pursuit of quality products, the CHIGO brand has established a reliable reputation that is sold in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.
The Air conditioning unit features technology for more comfortable air supply, energy efficiency of up to 30% savings, faster air supply by providing shock cooling and fast heating and a quiet system of ultra-low sound in mute mode. Reliable components include improved heat transfer efficiency with thermal conductivity, larger diameter cross flow fans blades with low noise, energy efficient compressors and electronic expansion valves that provides precision cooling and heating.

5 Functions:

- REMOTE Follow Me

- Golden Fin Evaporator & Condenser

- Multi - functional Cold Catalyst Filter

- WIFI Control

- Four way wind


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Capacity - Cooling: 2.5 KW
- Heating: 2.7KW
Power Input - Cooling: 660 W
- Heating: 670 W
Current - Cooling: 3.2 A
- Heating: 3.2 A
No. Fan Speeds: 3 + TUBOR
AirCirculation(max): 500m3 / h
Indoor SPL: 25~38 dBA
Outdoor SPL: 52 dBA
Indoor Dimensions: 783 x 279 x 204 mm
Outdoor Dimensions: 715 x 540 x 235 mm
Power Supply: 220-240V, 50Hz
Cooling Ambient Temperature Range: -15 ~ 55 degree
Heating Ambient Temperature Range: -15 ~ 34 degree
SAA Approved.
Model: CS-25V3A-1CY4Z-W3