Slide Connect G2 Exit Sign

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The Slide Connectâ„¢ G2 is the greenest most energy efficient exit sign yet.

In a giant leap forward from conventional light sources, the new Slide Connectâ„¢ G2 uses a single HBLED (High Brightness Light Emitted Diode) which is under run in normal conditions and in full brightness under emergency situations.

The result is a discrete exit sign, which becomes highly visible only when needed.A design without concession, which does not forget functionality. The Slide Connectâ„¢ G2 is the perfect solution for any environment.

1 x 1W HBLED lamp.
Maintained and Non-maintained modes of operation.
Both ceiling or wall mount.
Includes all directional 'Exit' pictograph legends.
All-in-one box solution. (Save time and cost on
Installation & Maintenance)