1.6mm/ 1/16 Inch Heat Shrinkable Flexible Thin tube - Clear - 1.2m

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Heat shrink tube coming in different colours and various sizes with 1.2 meter in length.
Made from a flexible polyolefin tubing providing a high level of flame retardance, insulation and excellent flexibility.
These self sealing heat shrinks can be used for a variety of electric insulation , strain relief and for joining cables and connectors.
Also suitable for light duty harnessing , bundling and to colour code electric wiring.
These tubes shrink under a specific temperature with high resistance to abrasion providing protection for cable termination.

Length: 1.2m
Size: 38mm
Operating temperature range : -55C ~ 135C
Minimum shrink temperature : 90C
Shrink ratio : 50% or more in radial direction
MIL-I-23053/5 : 600V, 135C, Class 1 and Class 3, Class 2 (clear products only)